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apartment_(c)2021 ZOOMVP_ATP Primosten_UE4_c59 Kopie.jpg


Everyone not drawn to the beach will still be able to enjoy the breathtaking view the Prim Bay Apartments have to offer. High quality structures meet luxurious comfort. The 112 apartments planned are divided into three buildings. Layout and positions can be found in the situation plan. In addition to the main buildings there will be a spacious infinity pool, a water playground for children and various places to enjoy a sunbath or the general pool area.

2_1_6_3_Situacija s prikazom etapnosti i faznosti Kopie.jpg
250-Pogled Sjeveroistok, Pogled Jugozapad.jpg
250-Pogled Sjever, Pogled Jug.jpg
250-Pogled Sjeveroistok, Pogled Jugozapad Kopie.jpg
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