Our Trinity.

There are times when beauty turns from an appreciated enhancement to a simple necessity. Those are the times when freedom turns into a craving and the cut-clear boundaries of our daily routines and lives become confinements. 







Croatia has overcome its role as the Mediterranean late-coming child. The country’s strength lies in its raw beauty. The vibrancy of the sea, the feathery-soft light in the olive hills, the rich scent of lavender and sea salt. The quaint landscape finds a delightful counterpart in a broad culinary tradition and a long cultural history. Everything is set for an experience that will bring you closer to recuperation, to repose and to joy. The exclusive 4-star-resort is built into the exceptional landscape of the Primošten bay, one of the most beautiful areas in Croatia. Olive trees and creamy-white rocks build the setting for 29 luxury villas that offer an open view on the bay, a distinguished interior design, and every bit of comfort you expect from a destination able to dissolve all everyday life into pure bliss.

What we need in those moments 

is something without limits.